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BIOTONE is a leader in the massage industry and brings innovative products to massage therapists, estheticians and spa professionals. In addition to offering a large selection of professional massage and spa therapy products, BIOTONE’s cremes, lotions, gels and oils are also known for their high-quality formulas that enable professionals to be the best in their business.


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The Brief Guide to Massage’s Role in Medical Spa

The interrelationship between massage, spa and medicine in the U.S. dates back to the origin of health spas and curative waters. Massage was an important component in the early days of the American health spa, while therapeutic touch as part of the medical spa movement has taken massage to a new level in spa. A medical, […]

Proven Steps To Building a Mobile Spa For Weddings

While traditional bridal parties are where a bride gets together with her loved ones to celebrate, drink (too much), eat (too much), embarrass each other and dance ‘til they drop, today’s brides are looking for better, healthier alternatives. A mobile spa party is that perfect, healthy, enjoyable alternative. Adding mobility to your existing spa business […]

How I Created Spa Services for Men

spa services for menSpa days are generally thought of as being more of a girls’ day out—but spa services for men is a growing trend. According to research from the International Spa Association, in 2005 29 percent of spa-goers were male, and by fall 2017 that number had grown to 49 percent. The goal of spa therapies for […]

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BIOTONE Announces Lab Blends With CBD for Pain Management

BIOTONE announces Lab Blends, a new line of topical pain management products for professional and home care featuring Cannabidiol (CBD) extract with powerful analgesics for complete pain management. Ground-breaking CBD has demonstrated its effectiveness in helping to reduce pain and inflammation and decrease pain signaling to the brain. The new Lab Blends product line includes […]

BIOTONE’s Integrated Table Thai

Renew and refresh clients with Thai Massage followed by a finishing treatment of Renewal Aromatherapy Lotion. (Learn More: http://tinyurl.com/qyb9qn4) Thai Massage is like a dance. Movements are rhythmic and continuous. The therapist is moving with the client’s body, creating flow through unity. Table Thai movements can be incorporated into existing massage techniques or can be […]

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